How to Prevent Burglars Snapping Door Locks to Steal Car Keys

There are more and more instances of burglars getting hold of people’s car keys after breaking into their homes via the method of lock-snapping. This consists of literally snapping lock cylinders just enough to provide a basis for the locks themselves to be tinkered with, giving them access to whatever a house might have on display. Car keys are a particular target because the criminals can then access the homeowner’s vehicle. But there are ways to prevent burglars from lock-snapping, and we have provided some useful tips below.

Utilising our Ultron Anti-Snap Locks

Here at Locksafe Locksmiths Liverpool, we distribute and install a variety of anti-snap locks, with some of the best coming from Ultron, a well-renowned home security service provider. Ultion anti-snap locks are the industry standard, proving to be durable, effective and successful for residents and business owners across the country. Ultimately, a burglar will find it harder to snap a lock system that is strongly-crafted and resistant to the likes of heat guns or pliers, and they do not come tougher than the Ultion Anti-Snap Locks.

Keeping Car Keys Out of Reach

It is greatly advised to test your locks on occasion, allowing you to identify any areas of weakness that a burglar could potentially capitalise on. If your locks are not up to scratch for any reason, thinking that you will sort the problem another day can often lead to the issue never being resolved, which increases the likelihood of your house and your treasured items being robbed. So, we strongly advise that you keep on top of your locks, and should there be even a minor functional flaw, they should be dealt with quickly by contacting us to keep your home as safe as possible.

Amongst our team of hugely-experienced professionals is Jonathon Hannah, a fully-qualified Ultion Lock Official Installer. Jonathon leads the way for our workforce, who will ensure that the anti-snap locks are fitted to the top-level standard. And in the event that a break-in still occurs within five years of installation, with the anti-snap locks themselves being broken in the process, the Ultion guarantee will see you receive £1,000.00 in compensation. As you can see, then, the bar is set very high with the anti-snap locks that we provide for our customers, and you will be receiving the absolute best tools available on the market.

How to check if your Euro Cylinder Locks are up to Standard

Lock barrels should always be at least British Standard BS3621 for your safety. It can sometimes be confusing as there are a number of different standards on the packaging of locks, such as TS007 3 Star Rating, SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Accredited and Secured by Design, to name but a few, but all UK locks should have BS3621. This type of accreditation is usually the only standard that insurance companies accept, don’t wait until it’s too late to check. Look over the external area of your lock and keep-plate on your door and you will visually see if your lock is up to standard. Euro cylinders are the locks that are fitted to UPVC and composite doors and will either have a Kitemark, a star rating or an ES Symbol. Mortice and Yale type locks will either be where the key is inserted or on the keep plate area of your lock. If your locks have no visible markings, you might want to take action before its too late, contact Jonathon at Liverpool Locksafe Locksmiths for a British Standard upgrade. Call him now on 0151 321 4155 for a free no-obligation quotation.

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