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Cable Window Restrictor for Child Safety Lock. Short Body

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  • Cable length approximately 150mm
  • Safe limitation of your window opening to a maximum of around 18cm
  • Supplied with 1 key and 4 self-drilling screws

Our Window Restrictor is designed to prevent children from falling out of windows, something which, according to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, happens to more than 4,000 children under the age of 15 every year. The restrictor is suitable for use on all kinds of windows and even doors including uPVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles. Designed to withstand a minimum operating force of of 1,200 Newtons (twice the BS recognised standard of 600 Newtons).

The lock can be key dead locked or left in the push to release mode – requiring a two handed operation to release the plastic coated, high tensile steel cable.

1) Push to release position –
with the key slot at 90 degrees, the bullet can be withdrawn when the key button is depressed.

2) Deadlocked position –
Insert and turn the key a further 90 degrees so the key slot is in line with the body. Withdraw the key to leave the restrictor deadlocked.

Easy to fit and operate, our cable restrictor can be used on all material types including uPVC, timber, aluminium & steel.

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